All inclusive license

Desktop License
Web License for 1 x Domain
Mobile App License for 1 x App


We’ve kept our license policy simple and manageable.

Your license entitles you to use our fonts on the amount of computers specified when purchased, as well as unlimited use (no visitor specification or annual renewals) on one website and one mobile app.

The only requirement is that the website and app on which the fonts will be used, be registered with us. An option to register the website’s URL will be provided when the licensee details are to be entered when making a purchase. Mobile app names must be registered with us via email.


Our desktop fonts are delivered as OTF files and may only be installed on the amount of computers specified in the purchase. TTF files for desktop may be requested. Please also consult our EULA for more information regarding our usage policy.


Our webfonts are delivered as WOFF and EOT files and only these files may be used on your website. We require that you register your website with us before you can download your webfonts and this can be done when you purchase your fonts or by sending us an email to with your order number and URL. We only allow self-hosting of our fonts with hotlinking disabled and/or a .htaccess file that needs to be saved in the same folder as the fonts on the server. You may also not convert your desktop OTF or TTF files to other webfont formats with online or offline font converters.

Mobile Apps

Your mobile app license is unlimited in the sense that it’s not specific to the amount of downloads the app has had. The app can be registered by sending an email to with your order number and app name as registered on various app stores. Once registration is complete, we will send you a font package with OTF files that can be used for your app.